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Journey to impossible

Nothing in this world can be get by instantly.Things get time ,efforts and continuous efforts . Difficulty are the part of life. They comes and goes.But remember one thing never give up .Never give up on your dream .

Lots of tell you hear from the people from the society but the one thing is if you give up you lose the opportunity but if you never give up you have still chances of victory and you have still opportunity. If your goal is clear the whole universe is creating a path for you. Just you will have to require a baby step .Do something differently this makes you out of 99 percent people who are following the same path and same mindset.

Everything is in controll of yours .you are the controller .you are the captain of your own ship .You are the ceo of your own dream compney .Never lose hope .when there is hope there is life there is light there is sunrise .

The thing you think impossible is easy after it achieved .Everything is possible in this world .

phylosophy self improvement, motivation

Power of Intense desire

Are you wanted to do something ? but we can’t do things. We can’t turn our desire into reality. What is wrong with us ? What thing hold us back ? which is the weak part of your life which prevent you from massive action in your desired direction .why we feel and go directionless?That part is intense desire .yes absence of intense desire holds you back from fulfilling your desire into reality .

Whenever you decide something is because of just you decide due to some outer factors. That outer factor is like for example of you wanted to achieve some goal but your goal is not coming from your intense desire but due to inspired by someone and may be it comes from social pressure and your goal is created by you as an emotional decision may be that is not your goal but you wanted to fulfill others goal in which you can’t have interest . whenever you decide with your intense desire the thing which you wanted to do is becomes reality .

Your goal should be in your subconscious mind and always stay in front of your minds eyes.Then it becomes your intense desire. As much strong your desire your chances of fulfilling your wish is more .

So always keep in mind that have a strong intense desire to do something then all universe will works for your manifestation and turning it into the reality for you .This is the power of intense desire .

phylosophy self improvement, motivation

Happiness unlimited

Everybody is in this world is wanted to be happy. Everybody is happy if they have a something like money , car ,bungalow, beautifull girlfriend etc . In short term their happiness is depend upon something materialistic .

There is a possibility of getting these materialistic things is 50-50. Those who get things what they want feel happiness and those who doesn’t get things is not becoming happy they feel pain ,frustrated and becoming unhappy.

If you want to be happy you will have to find out what is the cause of my misery what is my dependency of happiness ? No one will happy in this world if their happiness is depend on others. Be independent .Break this dependency .Your happiness becomes independent . It’s now free from the bond where you feel feared that if it will break than what happens ?

Be more joyfully. Feel limitless happiness .Be always positive .


Success blueprint

Never give up untill your goal achieve.never give up intill your dream become true. Try and angain try never give up untill it’s become happen there are lots of difficulties but at the end it will become true if you have a clear vision and clear path.

Have a faith have a patience untill it’s become reality. You get everything you want .you become what you wanted to become .work hard untill your dream comes true sleep less eat healthy .No matter what difficulties comes towards your path see it’s a challenge and face them with courage give your 100 percent.

Forget what others think about it .love yourself .think positive be positive. Find your purpose. Find your passion .Find the kik which inspire you to work .never lose hope.never feel down. Left all your hopelessness. Be happy. Inspire the world.

phylosophy self improvement, motivation

Words has power

Whatever we speak and whatever we thought has in the form of words and words has energy this energy may be positive or negative depend upon your words.

Whenever you chose a word to speak to yourself or others create mental filter of positivity that positivity impact on not only yourself but others .

Remember one thing nobody in the world has a right to how you feel but you have all the power how to feel Even if your situation is unfavorable.

Your belief has a major impact on how you feel if you feel sick it is your belief to feel sick. If you don’t believe in your sickness you are not sick .If you believe you are weak you may feel it and become might one day but if you believe you are strong then you feel strong and become strong .

From childhood there are lots of negative words entered in our mind by our family , friends and our neighbours ,among them lots of negative that like you can’t do, you are weak, you are not able. This words subconsciously hits your brain and then you believe and you become.

Stop this get out from your head those negative event , words and feelings from your mind . You are the authority of your mind and your feelings. Break all the negative thoughts. And see the power of words be impacable with your words .

Your words and your thought whatever you choose choose it wisely it has a capacity to grow you and the other hand it can destroy you. So choose your thoughts and words wisely.

Be the change accept the change because changing is the law of nature . Get out from your comfort zone and made an impact to the world by your presence.