What will you compare? You compare life, lifestyle,car,money,status, religion,fame in everydaylife. What would you achieve by this comparision ?

You only get yourself down and may be lost your whole identity of yourself. You don’t get anything. You only put yourself down in front of your own eyes.

Don’ t compare yourself with anyone because you are unique, you are different from the rest of the world.

Sometimes you trying to be someone but you are better than him. So just be you. Once i go to reasturant and two young people compare hisself against a filmstar so indirectly they feel less attractive and underconfident against filmstar.

So you have enough to do everything in this world so just don’t compare yourself with other. Just be yourself. You will find a unlimited confidence within yourself and thats the root of your confidence.

Happiness start with not comparing yourself with others. Love yourself. Be happy.