Risk is sometimes very natural in us and sometimes can learnable skills. Specially entrepreneurs and giant leaders has this quality.

When we think to act something big we always have uncertainty can it possible or not ?But al although somepeople take risks.

For taking risk you have to blind for the result. No matter what is the result come from it but i want to do and i definetly do.

So don’t be fearfull to take the risk. Just take the risk blindly. Have the courage and guts and confidence to act properly.

Be risky.



What will you compare? You compare life, lifestyle,car,money,status, religion,fame in everydaylife. What would you achieve by this comparision ?

You only get yourself down and may be lost your whole identity of yourself. You don’t get anything. You only put yourself down in front of your own eyes.

Don’ t compare yourself with anyone because you are unique, you are different from the rest of the world.

Sometimes you trying to be someone but you are better than him. So just be you. Once i go to reasturant and two young people compare hisself against a filmstar so indirectly they feel less attractive and underconfident against filmstar.

So you have enough to do everything in this world so just don’t compare yourself with other. Just be yourself. You will find a unlimited confidence within yourself and thats the root of your confidence.

Happiness start with not comparing yourself with others. Love yourself. Be happy.



The father of one children, the son of mother and the husband of wife are fight with the loaded gun, the cities are silent but the noice of explosion and sound of crying relatives of deathed persons makes the atmosphere violent, dilapidated houses and buildings seen everywhere and smoke are came out from it this is the reality of war.

War is broke countries economicaly.The country who faced war resist their economical growth and human growth.

Why this war happens? Why and what people get from the world? Is this only a power game? Just because of ego and pride of the political leaders what is the fault of the comon man ?

The world fight for today for food, rivers, water, land, oil, money,jalousy and to be more powerfull against competitor. Growth is good. But the growth which you trying to prove yourself and keep others down is very dangerous.

The nation which population doesn’t have a food and clean water who buy millions dollers animations from the powerfull contry to show his power. I again asked what is the fault of the poor people ?

What a person want ?A home, a food two times and a loving family with peace. Then who want this violentic war.

The war between two nations results in the victory of one nation who prove his power. But the people of both contry lose their someome lovable.

Now on today we have cold war, biological war. who traped us in this war ?We don’t want and nobody in the world want war.

The biggest reason behind it the politics. Political parties and groups encourage wisdomless people to be hated and jalous of some religion, some comunity for their benefits to remain ruling in the contry.

The ambition of being more powerfull and being superpowerfull is the root of it. Can it possible in the world where we measures superpowerfull contry as a most peacefull contry and ambition is more humanity and unity in the contry.

We have to choose humanity over economy, humanity over animations, humanity over religions, humanity over comunity. When this happened this could be a peacefull world with no war.

We all are the son of one god which creates us as like him the same. Why we not be a true human ?

Be human for the united and peacefull world.



Overthinking is happened with many of us. Our brain is constantly thinking about something.So thinking is natural.

But the problem arise when you have not controll over your thinking or thought. Your mind controls your thought. But for this you should choose wisely your thought.

Positive thinking is good for controll your thoughts. Also try some meditations.,mindfullness. Keep yourself busy is one of the tactics by which you can controll your thought.

You are the controller of your thought always remembered. Give a direction of your thought and focus on the thought who increase your focus towards goal and increased productivity.

So think wisely. Be happy.

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How to be more focus?

Decresing distractions who are creating blocks which restricts you to achieve your goal by this method you can increase your focus .

Focus is more important like any other life skill. Swami Vivekananda said once choose one goal and thought about it 24 hrs and 365 days untill it is not achieved.

This type of desire leads you towards success. Big goal may take too much time and patience but it can be achieved by intense focus.

Auther robin sharma said focus is a game chnging for A players. If you want to be a A player you have to practise focus and increase it day by day.

The simple way of increasing focus is keep less distraction. If you have less distraction you have more focus and more distraction you have less focus.