Complete Positivity(Fantastic four theory )

Fantastic four theory

When you read the title what is this ? Question definetly occur.This theory is about unlimited positivity .which have the ability to change your world to change your destiny by changing your positive attitude . I give four easy steps to attaract a higher level of positivity.

1 :- you will have to think positive about yourself & about other people

In this first step you think about yourself positive & also you think about others positive . Some people think about them positive but they think about other people negetive that negativity blocks their mind & they can’t think positive about theirself completely .

2 :- Think other people think about yourself positive .

This step is very important to being complete positive person.some people have a low self confidence , low self esteem & anxity specially at the time of interview or anchoring they feel the nervousness because they feel that what other people think about me . But if you think other people think about me also positive the gape between your positivity and the other peoples positive are merged and you have no tention no nervousness no anxiety you are in the state of complete positivity .

3 :- see the positive side in other people .

Either you are in relationship with someone you will have to see the positive side of people to relate with them . Specially in merridge couple just saw the negative side of each other that’s why relationships are broken & ends in divourse . If both see in each other positive side than that brings them more closer to each other .this is also a mantra for happy relationship .

4 :- speak only positive about yourself & others .

This is game changing. you will have to controll on your speech. Speak only positive word about yourself & others . Some people often said that i have a lot of enemy is just because they have not a controll on their speech they speak negative about other people . So that person can not wanted a good relationship with you & become your enemy . Some people are lovable the favourite every where because they speak only positive about theirself & others. So if you want to become more lovable & maintaining good relations whith other use this four step .you will also get a complete positivity .

This theory is the solution of all your problems tention , anxiety , low self esteem , low self confidence , broken relationships with others etc . Stay positive. stay happy .stay fit .

:- Divyen Gadhavi -: Date :- 2/2/2018.


Beatifull eye

Life is beautifull when we create our own beatifull world with the help of beautifull thoughts so leave beautifully every moment you can stay beautifully .enjoy every moment of your beautifull life. And thank god who give you such a beautifull life.


Time is always good.

We see lot of people saying when they are in failure, time is not good.My quation is What is time ?

The answer is time is the moment when you can choose time is in favoure of you and not favourable.The moment when you choose time is favourable & good something good will happen in your life.And the other hand when you choose time is bad ,you cannot overcome the situation but you invite more troubles in your life.Change your mindsets and say time is always good .The miracle is happening in your way.

Some people are always succeeding in their life & some are seen always failoure .The theory of time saying by great authors are time is changing eqally good time and bad time comes eqally in everyone’s life .This is not true time is commen for everybody it is always good but your way of negative thinking makes it’s bad .you will not accept the mistakes you done in your bed time that’s why you blaming always time that time is bad .but when you accept your mistakes the time is your good learning experience. In the bad time if you don’t done the mistakes than that time is good for you .

The altimate solution is. “learn from others mistakes” . Friends time is never bad it is always good .Be happy.


Deep Thought

We all are here in this world is to get something froam the world & give something to the world this is the purpouse of our life

– Divyen Gadhavi


Deep thought

Live in a moment & enjoy that moment is eqall to you are near god. – Divyen Gadhavi