What if life become easy and smooth

Life is not easy and not smooth. If life is become easy and smooth there is no fighting spirit in ourself remain.

When life become easy and smooth is like very boaring movie which has no tregedy, no action no any ups and down on the screen.

If everybody being happy only then who feels loneliness and sadness. You can feel happiness only if you value the sadness. Or without facing losing somethingn in your life you can not feel the joy of victory.

Hence life is not easy and we all have to thank god for not making it easy. If life is more hard then it becomes more interesting and more lively.

Live your life.



Regrets are very negative emotion. In everyones life there is some regrets.

For example if you buy a car and you wanted to buy a red car but avaibility is only white car so you have to buy a white car. But the regrets starts when you see red car on the road and telling yourself i wanted to buy a red car because i like it but it is not available at that time.

Here in first sentance you regret inthe first sentence which is i wanted to buy a red car. This sentence is regretfull a negative sentance but the another sentance is regret free when you tell and understand yourself when you purchase your car at that time red car is not available. So i have no choice. Its okey to regret but you have to learn how to regretfree.

We often regret about choices of ours. But if we have no choices we never regrets. So don’t stuck in your past let’s move on. Be regret free and see the future oppourtunity and start with where are you today.

Regrets demotivates you, stucks you in the past.judge youself in the perfection also leads to regrets. Don’t be too petfect and don’t try to expect perfection.

Regretfree life motivate and inspire you to better future with full of hapiness and joy.

So be regretfree. Be happy.


Signs of ruin life

The major sign is westing time means ruin life. What are the areas in our day when we wested our time and life.

1.late night sleep

Some people often sleep at late night.They go to party in late night drunk and chilling all the nights. They eat fast food or ice cream or chips in late night that effect their health not only physical but mental health also.

2. Waking late

If you are waking late specially after sunrise that means you are procastinated. Morning time is the best time for productivity.If you wake up late that means you miss those productivity hours.

3. Procastination

Procastination is the life ruining act. Always trying to avoid a work is the sign of it.

4.Thinking to much

Thinking about past or future too much is also ruined your life. Be in present.

5.Negative belief system

Some people always find negative in the positive situation. This kind of belief system ruined your life.

6. Waching tv, movie, webseries

Some people always waching too much tv, movies, webseries can waste their time and ruined life.

7. Addiction

A teenagers have lot of addiction today .Among this addiction is either tobaco, alcohol, watching porn can also ruined life of them. But today gaming and social media addiction are also ruined their life in the drastic way. More use of you tube, facebook, whatsapp,chatting can also ruined life.

8.Unhealthy food Habit

Unhealthy habit of eating food like fastfood, bevereges can effect the physical health not only but it may affect their mental health also.

9.No exercise

Exercise is good for health and mind. Some people who has a lack of physical activity can ruin their life.

10.No goal no purpose

Life without goal and purpose is death. Without goal and purpose having people ruined their life.


Productivity Time

Everybody in this world wanted to be successfull.For sucess we will have to work smart in less time. That means we need to be more and more productive for more and more success.

How to be productive? The answer is the major step is choosen by you must be your productive time. The time when we feel fresh and doing our work without distractions. This is a game changing habits.

Either the time is early in the morning or late night whatever for productivity you have to choose at least 4 hour everyday work schedule.In this schedule you do your best work in the direction of whatever your goal is. This time is become your productive time.

So be productive.Be successfull. Be happy.


No need to prove yourself

We are the bestest version of ourself.Then why we trying to impress everyone and prove ourself.

There are lots of people in this world are trying to prove themself against someone.  Employees prove themself against bosses. Boyfriends prove theirself against girlfriends and viseversa.

The answer is because of our ego. Our ego wants to prove ourself what it is.  But we realisticly don’t need it.

Even we people did not believe in god untill god will not show any magic and did not create any miracle in ourlife. What is this?  Is it life ?

This is not a ideal life. We live according to society and ourloved ones ways. The real life is just be you if your girlfriend accept what you are it is become best,happy and successfull relationship.

The same principle apllied against wife, job interview, as an employee.

The world is trying to change your identity and your character. An identity and character of the person is  always unique.

So just be you. Love yourself. You are unique. The one and only masterpiece is created by great god.