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Self Compassion

Everything in this world are uniformly done their role towards humanity and the service of mankind to make this world a better place. You are chosen for some job or service by the God.

Can you still doubting God’s ability and God’s choice? And criticise yourself and blame yourself for your every failure and not fulfill your desire. You have no self Compassion. self Compassion is the magic by which you makes you be truly yourself.

Whatever happend with you in the past like the failure it’s not your fault. You have to make yourself and don’t blame yourself and criticise yourself. If you blaming yourself and criticise yourself you can not accept what is happening with you this leads you in stress,anxiety and depression.

So don’t judge yourself don’t blame yourself have a compassion towards your self. If you lose a football match what you feel normally sad but if your loved one comes and see you and tell you don’t worry we will win in future. Don’t be sad you are a champion and made to win. What is your action, you feel motivated because of you don’t believe it’s your fault its a destiny.

What is in our hand in our hand just do efforts and more efforts untill we win. Life is game. Play like a game.

Love yourself. Accept yourself. Have a self Compassion towards your self and see the Magic.


By Divyen Gadhavi

Life coach,

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