Simple life hacks to better life

1.Positive Thinking

The experts says our mind thinks 60,000 to 80000 thoughts per day.Which means an average 2500 to 3300 thoughts per hours we think in our mind. Which may have some positive or negative .But the miracle is here.if we turn all the negative thoughts in positive thoughts by practising it. It will change our life.change our future. Change our destiny.


A smiling face is attracted and loved by everyone. The people who has a smiling face is most lovable person instead of others .So keep smiling. At least in three times a day practise smiling face. It improves your mood,decrese stress level and maintains your relationships with others more healthier.


A life without goal or purpose is life without oxygen. Have a goal and give your hundread percent to achieve this goal. Your goal helps you to overcome your boardome and gives you positive energy, confidence, willpower, self decipline with self respect and strong character.

4.Comunication skill

In todays digital world comunication is a nonstop skill which are used in everywhere either in your career or personal relationship and your social growth.


Education is must for todays generation to built a strong career.Education makes you qualify to your choosen profession.

6.Master 1 skill

The world today have a huge demand of professionals which are masters in one skill either have a computer skill, games, sports, musics etc. Be the master of one skill and get the knowledge of other skills two.

7.Growth Mindset

The reserch suggest the people who have limited mindset are not as successfull as the people who have growth mindset. The people who have growth mindset are always learners.They think out of box. They love challanges and faced problems turns in to their favour. They can not compare theirself with others they have a compitions with their ownself .


Focus is most helpfull to people to be successfull in their life. Increase your focus. In todays world there is so much distractions in social media or on internet. So avoid all distraction and learn to focus on what you do and focus on your goal.


Doing some prayers, chanting mantras, yoga and meditation helps you to become patience and calm and can give you the stable mind and inner strength to fight with difficulty of life.


Your sleeping hours must be pre define not the quantity of sleep but the quality of sleep.If you have a problem with sleep don’t eat before 3 hours to your bedtime and also avoid social media and mobile before 3 hours of bedtime.Give all your tensions and worries to god before sleep.

11.Family time

Give at least one hour in a day and sit with your family and friends.Discuss your problems and worries by open heartly.


Exercise is good for physical fitness and activeness of body. If you are physically fit you become mentally fit.Exercise must be become a part of your routine.

13.Healthy food

As like your food what you eat you have a mind as like. Healthy food keeps you energetic whole day. It gives you positive vibe throughout your day.


Reading books for mind is as like as feeding food for body. Books are best friends. Reading increase your wide range of knowledge makes you more smarter and intelligent.


Journaling reduces stress, it enhance your memory. It is best treatment for depression. It help to express yourself.your mind become more clearer than ever before.

16.Be with you

Spend atleast 10 minutes a day with yourself. Don’t miss the oppourtunity to meet the nicest person on the earth.

17.Be kind

Be kind for those who need your kindness. Help others .Have a compassion, empathy for everyone.


Grattitude is the best way to thank god for your whole existance. Practicing grattitude for happiness, abundence and positivity.

19.Create your destiny by good karmas

Every reaction has an opposite reaction.Do good karmas by your action, word and deeds. This karma can change your future destiny.


Hobby makes you alive. Take some time to your hobby it refreshing you. It gives you joy and mental rest. Reduce stress levels. It makes you feel good.

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By Divyen Gadhavi

Life coach,

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