Buisness funda Tea shop

I daily drink tea at a tea shop nearby my home .Tea is awsome taste is good among other tea shopers,but still i saw he has not customers. Although at some distance there is another tea shop which has lots of customers.

I went one day another tea shop where the customers are full. I ordered tea. Tea is not as good as first shop. Then i think why people come this tea shop instead of first one.

I notice the tea shop is out of Appartments parking area. The second tea shop is near by the road while first one is near by appartments wall. The first tea shop has a good taste of tea but they sell only tea.

While second tea shop has advantage of road near area so has a more attracted by customers and also second tea shop owner keeps cigarrate, tobaco and gutkha so the customer who drink tea also buy a cigarrate, tobaco and gutkha.which is realte to a normal tea shops customer demand. Though the tea is not better than the other tea shop he is succced to attract customers by its location and a demand of product which is relate to main product.

So here the funda is quality of product is not attract customers but its location and demand of related product attract more customers.The place where customers found and saw the location easily and reach nearby distance, and they can get the related product available which is on demand and hence the customer satisfied.It is the great example of customer satisfaction.

By Divyen Gadhavi

Life coach,

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