Being your own saviour

Everyone should be able to save their own life. This is the last message of gautam buddha. Why we are waiting for god that god will save us and they solve our problems.

Dont being relaiable on god or anyone else in the world not the parents or not friends and family. Be responsible for your life whatever the mistakes of life don’t blame just be responsible.

When you depend upon god or anyother you become weak.The weakness leads you nowhere. Be independent and responsible for your own life.

You are the master of your life and create your life your destiny what ever you want.

Have a courage, guts to save your own life to survive in this world.

There is a one moment when you depend upon others the moment is when after death ,untill be your own saviour and be independent.

By Divyen Gadhavi

Life coach,

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Hello Divyen Gadhavi,
Thank you for liking one of my posts!
By the way, you should change your description. A “couch” is a piece of furniture – you mean “Life coach”.
All the best to you,

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